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Danger versus dependency. 2016

Image of Satin artwork with pastel colours and horses

No where to sleep but under here. 2017



Kelly and Her Pals, 2013/14 - Four Channel Video Installation

With thanks to Katie Brown, Lateisha Lovelace-Hanson, Jahvel Hall and Finnula Campbell.


This excerpt is a compilation of four videos which were originally displayed on cosmetically altered tube TV sets acting as frames for their wonderful faces, their surroundings have been installations exhibited in London and Barcelona. The work in ongoing.

Business? (You're All Clapping for the Wrong Reasons, You're Not Even a Real Person)

In collaboration with Finnula Campbell and with thanks to Rolina Elsje Blok, Jahvel Hall, and Lateisha Lovelace-Hanson.

Jovial. A veces Voy A veces no. 2014
other picture

Happy as Larry Couldnae be Happier. 2013 - Two Channel Video Installation

blue face man

Ah Ya...,.2011 - Acryllic on Canvas

two finger against blue background
Yeah but Can You Do This?. 2016


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