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Jumping like a horse - with Finnula Campbell

2016 - Bad Behaviour -Brixton East, London SW9


2016 - SHMAF - Summerhall, Edinburgh EH9

Fcae projected on wall



Get it Tae Hell Oot

2015 - Exposicion de Festes de Gracia - Untitled Gallery, Barcelona

large blue print



Annie’s Heels Get the Better of Her

2014 - CASS Degree show - Whitechapel, London E1

Annies's Heels Get the Better of Her, an immersive enivironment installation inhabited by a series of altered television sets, digital video projections, lights, haze, sculpted structures and three green plants. An alternation between unbearable info-noise combined with the sweet symponies of relaxation and seagull squalks resounded through the turqoisey haze punctuated by a smattering of TV faces continually looping up and down in mood and in glittery stupefication.

Kerry's Mess,

2014 - Gem Space, Dalston, London E8

Gareth Bought a Paradise fae Ebays, in collaboration with Finnula Campbell

2015 - Bad Behaviour Collaborations - Mori + Stein, London SE5

Gareth Bought a Paradise fae Ebays (Kofe'Z Life Couch) Excerpt

Carol Has a Very Difficult Decicion To Make, To Make, To Make.

2014 - Mollify - Gem Space, Dalston, London E9






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